Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Promotion for the rest of 2009

Hi everyone,

As you may or may not know, for the entire month of July (1st to 31st) my business The Million Dollar Experiment, a blog where I document my journey to
making $1,000,000 online, is being featured on the MegaMillion Social Network for Millionaires.

Once again I'd like to thank Laura Reeves (creator and owner of MegaMillion) for featuring my business this month.

As a special promotion, I'm offering anyone the opportunity to promote their business(es) on my Million Dollar Experiment
(MDE) blog
, for the rest of this year. That's right I said the rest of this year.

For a one time payment of US$5 via paypal, you can have your business(es) promoted on my MDE blog as well as 3 other blogs I

For a measly US$5 one time payment via paypal, you can promote your business(es) on all 4 of my blogs for the rest of 2009.
That's 6 months of me posting about your business(es) to my 4 blogs.

Once I've received the one time payment of US$5 via paypal I'll email you to have you email me the information you'd like me
to post on my blogs about your business(es). For our mutual benefit, I suggest you write what you'd like me to write about
your business(es) as if you were the one posting this info to my blogs. If I need to I'll edit it to fit the guidelines.

For the rest of 2009, you can have me promoting your business(es) on all 4 of my blogs for one payment of $5. This offer is
only valid until Thursday, December 31, 2009.

So hurry and take me up on this insane offer before the year ends.

God bless...

"For With God Nothing Is Impossible" Luke 1:37
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