Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 18 Update: Received a $2.57 Payment

Hi everyone,

I started on a journey on May 18, 2009 to make/earn/receive $1,000,000 in 90 days. Today is day 18 on this journey.

Before I started on this mission, I had been making some money (very few) online. I've earned about $16.43 writing stories on and of that $16.43 been paid $12.50 via these stories.

Since I have been writing stories and posting them to that site long before May 18, 2009 I wasn't going to include any monies made via those stories in this Million Dollar Experiment (MDE). However, since the last payment I received from that site was on May 21, 2009, which falls within the 90 days for this experiment, I will include it. That payment was in the amount of $2.57 and I'm expecting another payment soon of $2.35 via that site.

Well, that's the progress so far on this mission. When this experiment/mission/journey is completed (and I intend to re-start it every 90 days and track the progress), I hope to be able to quit my full-time "day job" and focus on my writing more.

Until that time, keep checking back here for my progress. If you'd like to help by donating (any amount) please feel free to do so via the donate paypal button to your right. I assure you that every penny donated will be given back (either to you or if you do not want it back I'll donate it to someone else - I'm a firm believer in giving forward, a similar concept to paying forward).

God bless...

"For With God Nothing Is Impossible" Luke 1:37

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